Guidelines for accessible chats in m-learning environments

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Standards and guidelines are used by developers and designers to create accessible software. There are many standards and guidelines related to accessible software, accessible learning environments, accessible m-learning and so on. Each one focuses on a specific question and sometimes they are overlapped in some guidelines. However, there is not any standard or guideline that specifies which are the main features that an accessible chat for m-learning should have.


A total of 42 standards and guidelines related to: accessibility, learning, websites and technology were analyzed to obtain which of them were more related to chats in m-learning environments. After performed the study, only eight guidelines and standards, the most related to chats in m-learning, were selected.

Finally, considering the challenges that people face when they use chats and the selected guidelines, a list of guidelines were created in order to provide advice for designers, developers and analysts in the creation of accessible chats for m-learning.


The whole list of the guidelines required to create accessible chats in m-learning environments is not detailed in any website or publication yet. However, it will be published in the future. The Output section shows some of the publications which detail some of the requirements that chats for m-learning should include.


Twelve months (2014)


Rocío Calvo
Ana Iglesias
Lourdes Moreno

Applied Skills and Methods

Expert analyses


Journal: Requirements elicitation for designing an accessible chat