Participation in the GEMMA project

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Currently the number of tecnological devices and the kind of devices is being increased more and more. Each device has different characteristics; thus, spreading media and advertisements through the internet could be really difficult because every system and device reproduce the information in a different way. The GEMMA project emerged to help on this increment. The main aim of the GEMMA project was to create a platform which manages the advertisements that the broadcasting entities uses in order to store this information, create it in an accessible way and deliver it.

Collaboration in the project

This platform is a web platform where broadcasting entities could connect and get the advertisements adapted to the environment that they need. In this project Ana Iglesias and I were providing accessibility advice to: create the platform's interface accessible; and to store and deliver the advertisement in an accessible way.


Eighteen months (2011-2012)


Ana Iglesias
Rocío Calvo

Applied Skills and Methods

Heuristic Evaluation
Semi-automatic Tools
Automatic Tools