Redesign and Innovation Studies


Guidelines for accessible chats: Nowadays there are many guidelines and standards related to accessibility, learning, mobile devices, software and so on. Sometimes, designers or analysts have problems to know which standards and guidelines have to be applied as well as how to apply them. Moreover, there is not any specific guideline for chats in m-learning environments. Thus, part of my Ph.D. aims to provide guidelines for designers, developers and analysts to create accessible m-learning chats

Chat Interaction

Chat interaction improvement: One of the most common barriers that people face when they use a chat is the impossibility to follow the Flow and Rhythm of the conversation. This challenge could occur in group or individual conversations. Some of the problems are related to the impossibility of writing or read quickly. Because of this, the idea to control the reception of messages emerged and it was developed and validated with real users in order to know their opinion about it.