User Experience Researches


People with disabilities: Media is really important for people with disabilities because they cannot sometimes communicate through other ways. One of the tools, which are being used nowadays by many people, is chat. Nevertheless, these tools have accessibility challenges and some people could face problems to use them. Different studies have been conducted in order to understand the problems that most people face when chatting.

Elderly people

Elderly people: Communication tools are being used by elderly people every day more and more to connect with their relatives who are in the distance. However, these tools could not be easy to use for them because they are developed without considering elderly people. Moreover, as the years go by, some abilities are reduced and elderly people experience problems which could be similar to the troubles that people with disabilities face. Thus, a research with elderly people was performed to detect the problems that they experience when they use chats.


People without disabilities: This group of people could experience fewer challenges when they use new technologies since most of them are really familiar with them. Despite of it, people without disabilities could face accessibility troubles because they are using the technology in specific circumstances which provoke them accessibility barriers or because they do not have previous expertise in the environment. Then, it was really important to detect the problems in which this group of people is involved.